Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my license code?

Your license code is located in your Member Dashboard and the licensing page. You will see it in the box to the right of the video. For more detailed information, go to the licensing page.

I’m confused about what "Logic Blocks" are and how I use them to my advantage.

Logic Blocks is a term we decided on to differentiate it from widgets or divs or other terms already in use by WordPress or in HTML.

Think of a logic block as any area on your webpage. Could be as simple as a single word, a single paragraph, a heading or be an entire page of content. Anywhere you can use a shortcode on your site or any widget area can become a Logic Block. This leaves very little on your site that cannot be handled by a logic block.

The demos on  and / give some examples of how logic blocks can be used. But the demos are just the taste of the capability of VLP.

Here is a list of ways that VLP can be used, just to get some thoughts flowing.

  • Display ads in a sidebar based on the category that the visitor is viewing. Display a sequential series of ads to the visitor each time they visit. Not random, but sequential so that each time they see a new one and once they reach the end of the list, the ads start over.
  • Use same page (url) to deliver content for logged in users (possibly a membership site) and display sales content for users that are not logged in.
  • Use different headlines on sales pages based on how many times the visitor has seen them.  If it did not work the first 2 times, maybe a new one will push them over the top.
  • Display an ad in place of the opt in form if a visitor has been “cookied” as Opted In.
  • Display different content (headline, ad, widget…) if a user has visited a certain page(s).  Maybe they have shown interest in a property that you have for sale, show that property on the home page next time they visit the site.
  • Re-marketing is a key strategy that is very successful when used right.  Re-marketing is currently being applied to offsite ads by most people. VLP allows you to perform Re-marketing on site with your content.  It does not replace offsite re-marketing, but compliments it.
  • Another term that matches what VLP does is called “Conditional messaging”. Deliver strategic messages to visitors based on the visitors history, not just what mouse action they take on your site.

It’s easy to react to a visitors mouse click, but the future of marketing is to display strategic messages  to get the visitor to take that mouse action.

Will Visitor Logic Pro work if I have caching plugins like WP super Cache or W3 Total Cache?

YES – We developed VLP to work in conjunction with caching plugins that create static HTML images of your pages. You need to tell VLP that your site uses caching so that it can turn on this advanced feature. You will find the “Bypass Cache” setting on your VLP Options page. Don’t worry we don’t break the caching, we just allow the block to function in a different way so it will not be effected by your caching.

How do I connect my autoresponder account?

To connect your account, navigate to Visitor Logic Pro > Options. Here you will see the different tabs for the available autoresponders. You’ll then follow the instructions and fill out the required fields. You will have to login to your autoresponder’s admin account to retrieve the encrypted key to make the connection.

I want to use VLP cookies but many of my users have already completed the step in my funnel where I want to cookie them. Is there any way to cookie them after the fact?

In order to cookie an visitor, they must visit a page , open an email something that has the tracking pixel on it. To use VLP cookies for existing visitors Say ones that have opted into your list, you will need to either put the Logic Blocks tracking pixel in an email that they open, and /or on a page that only they would access. Cookies are accurate, but remember that visitors may have cookie cleaners, use a different browser or a different computer, so it is best to use cookies for funnels that have a short duration and not for long term identification of a visitor.

I use an autoresponder that is not included in the VLP options, how do I get started to set it up with VLP?

The only feature that you will not be able to use is the ability of the plugin to check in the autoresponder if the visitor is on a certain list, tag, sequences etc.. (depending on the autoresponder).

However, you can accomplish something similar by just using tracking cookies within your site or within your autoresponder emails. Lets say you want to replace the Optin form on your site with an ad for a product if the visitor has already opted in. You create 2 logic blocks, block 1 has the opt in form in it, and block 2 has the product ad . Block 1 would not have any VLP logic settings, Block 2 would have the VLP Cookie settings for the tracking pixel set, (only show this content when the visitor has this tracking pixel). You would then place the tracking pixel image for Block 2 on a page in your opt in process, usually on the page that is displayed after the visitor has confirmed the opt in. It is recommend that you place it in the emails that are sent out to this list as well. Depending on where you display the opt in form on your site, you would either use a VLP shortcode or the VLP widget to display one of the 2 blocks. We call this stacking blocks. The shortcode / VLP widget can be given a list of blocks (up to 10) and also be told how many blocks in the list to show. By using a shortcode like this ” [logic-pro ids=”2,1″ limit=”1″] VLP will go through the logic for each block in the list of ids and display only the first one that meets the criteria.

In the above example, once the visitor has the tracking cookie, they will meet the Logic for block 2, and be shown block #., Since the “Stack” is limited to 1, they only see block #2 and Block #1 is not displayed. If they do not have the tracking cookie set, they will not see block #2 and because block #1 has not logic, it will be displayed.

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