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Visitor Logic Pro
Visitor Logic Pro is a fully adaptable WordPress plugin that allows users to define an unlimited number of “Logic Blocks” or “group of settings” that allow the user to determine when to display or to hide a block of content based on how a visitor is using the website.

WordPress Engage
WordPress Engage Theme is a fully responsive theme designed to help users create custom websites that engage visitors and increase conversions and sales. Highly customizable and no programming knowledge is needed!
View VLP Demonstrations
This example demonstrates how to assign different logic blocks to only display when on specific category or author pages.
This example demonstrates how to use the Visitor Logic Pro cookie settings to display or hide different logic blocks.
This example demonstrates how you can limit the content users have access to until they subscribe to your email list.
This example demonstrates how to use Visitor Logic Pro to display different content to selected Wishlist Member Levels.
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