Is Visitor Logic Pro something you really need?



The Mighty Frank Kern said so!

Marketing legend Frank Kern now has a team building sales funnels with “sequential marketing” built in.

The idea behind “sequential marketing” is to be able to customize your marketing to respond to the actions your visitors are taking.  This has been proven to double or triple your sales.

The only negative associated with the service he offers is that it requires software that costs a few thousand dollars to start with and a few hundred dollars per month.

Visitor Logic Pro does the same thing and the investment is way less.

When someone comes to a page on your website for the second time, you can have a special message show on the page welcoming them back.  It will not show to someone who has visited for the first time and it’s 100% automatic once you set it up.

You can show a specific message based upon each unique affiliate that has sent their customers to your site.  “A special welcome to friends of AFFILIATE”.  Think this would boost your conversion rate? It does, by A LOT.

If someone is already on your email list, why would you show them a form to sign up for the same list they’re already on?  Instead, you can show them a link to order one of your products.  If they already have that product, you can show another link, ad, or graphic for a different one.

You’ll be using your website real estate to show your visitors messages that are relevant to them, wherever they may be in your sales process.  This will drastically increase your revenue and customer value.

Marketing super powers like these used to require thousands of dollars in custom programming, but you can easily set it up yourself on any WordPress based website by using Visitor Logic Pro and it will only take a few minutes to get it up and running for you.

Your website is about to become an automated robot that responds to the actions your visitors take which will increase your sales, revenue, and customer engagement (which also increases your income).

Choose the package that suits your needs below and get your hands on this powerful plugin right now.

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