My Demo Homepage

This demo is designed to show how Visitor Logic Pro can be used to display different content (blocks of content) or widgets ANYWHERE you can use shortcodes or widgets in your theme, and to do this PER VISITOR, not just random. Even though you will be clicking a button to refresh the page, This is just to help you easily see what a visitor will see if they come back a second, third or even more times.

The Blue banner below could be a simple Welcome message as we are demonstrating, a series of offers or even just a sequence of single images that you really want the visitors to see in a specific order each time they visit a page. 

Many websites use random ad rotators to display different advertisments to visitors,  but they are typically based on a random generator,  and you don’t really know if a visitor will see a different advertisement,  or if they will ever see a particular one.  Using Visitor Logic Pro to rotate based on the visitor will ensure they see what you want them to see and in the order you think is best.


Great Place For A Logic Block

This call to action block would be a great place to switch out content for your visitors using VLP.



Add A Specific Sale With VLP

Use VLP to swap out different sale offers for repeat visitors.



Your Calls To Action

Add multiple calls to action that can be displayed only when a visitor is opted in or has a membershi.