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What Is Visitor Logic Pro?

Visitor Logic Pro was created from the realization that we are too smart to treat all our Website visitors the same.

Imagine the Modern Website, one that remembers you, knows your visitor history, knows if you are signed up, if you have purchased a product, if you are logged in, if you are in a membership level, and even knows which page you are on!

My Name is David Abrams and Along with my partner Rodger Hollingsworth we have developed the next generation Smart Plugin.

Discover how to grow your list, increase your conversions, and build better relationships with just a few SIMPLE clicks and no technical headache.

What Exactly does VLP Do? +

Visitor Logic Pro is a fully adaptable wordpress plugin that allows you to define an unlimited number of “Logic Blocks” or “group of settings” that allow you to determine when to display or to hide a block of content based on how a visitor is using your site.

You can adjust the settings of when to display certain blocks of content, or widgets, by changing one or multiple settings.

Settings like:

·       which page or post the visitor is accessing

·       one or more WP categories

·       Wishlist Member membership level and membership status

·       if the visitor is logged-in or not

·       Powerful options to use custom tracking cookies

·       you can even integrate one of the top third party CRM or autoresponders and modify the page content based on the visitors status in the 3rd party system, like if they are in a certain list or have a selected tag.

With Visitor Logic Pro’s advanced logic you can create a site that responds directly the way your visitor uses your site. Customize your Sales Funnel to react to your visitor. Create a powerful upsell process for returning customers without sacrificing your Initial sales funnel.

With the power of Visitor Logic Pro -- EVERY part of your site is now customizable based on both who the visitor is, whether they are subscribed or have unsubscribed, whether they are logged in or in a certain Membership Level, and even what content is being displayed on that page! This will not only massively improve your search engine rankings, it will also improve your engagement, conversions and SALES!

Is this Tested? +

Visitor Logic Pro is new and innovative way of using proven technology to accomplish goals that typically needed a programmer to implement. We have packaged together an assembly of our existing software modules that have been in use by ourselves and our clients for several years with proven results.

Our previous users and beta members will all be sharing their success with the plugin on the sales page and page below.

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You can customize your messaging
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You can even change messaging
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You can change text, graphics, even videos.

Think about all of the crazy things you
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1.  Address someone’s possible objections to

2.  Post a link to a similar, but different offer.

3.  Put up a “contact form” to find out why
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I’m sure you can come up with more applications
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Revolving videos
The revolving video strategy
Rotating videos


Someone visits your website and
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That’s what this can do.  (LINK)

Of course, it also does a lot more.

You can change text, graphics, opt-in
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It’s also really easy to implement.

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Why Join Us?
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5 Creative Ways to Use
Visitor Logic Pro

1) Display dynamic messaging on a return Visit.

Whether you are using retargeting, remarketing, or email marketing it's insanely powerful to use dynamic messaging to welcome visitors back to an offer, sale, or present a discount for clicking through. Use Visitor Logic Pro's simple to use Logic Blocks to create any message on ANY part of your site in seconds.

Watch the video below for examples.

2) Local Marketing return discounts to a page specific offer

As a local business owner it is imperative to get the biggest bang for your buck with site visitors. But, your true objective is to move people to specific pages of your website to take action to a sale. Use onsite tracking pixels to create dynamic messaging to incentivize or push the sale.

Watch the video below for examples.

3) Control your funnel on your site

As an internet marketer, what's the point of making a funnel, driving traffic, and then not controlling that prospects journey on your Money Site or Branded websites?

When visitors return to your website and are then treated to join your list they are already a part of, you are missing the perfect opportunity for forward movement in your sales process. Instead, display a banner to your sales page or related product offering.

Use Visitor Logic Pro to instantly display the correct opt-in, product offering, or sales video at the proper moment in your sales funnel.

4) Dynamic Content Sidebars means better Rankings (SEO EXPLOSIONS)

Using dynamic content allows you to display the correct widgets, keywords, and sidebars to the correct pages meaning MORE keyword related content on the page.

More keyword related content = better rankings. Right?

Use authors, categories, posts, or pages to choose where things show up and instantly attach the logic to your widgets.

5) Stop showing content after a certain amount of visits or date (Scarcity)

By using the Visitor Logic Pro system you can choose to STOP showing content after a number of visits, date range, or even if they are on a specific Auto-responder List (or Infusionsoft tag).

Use Scarcity to dynamically hide offers, bonuses, and instead replace with Cross Sell Opportunities or Sold Out Areas!

What Our Beta Members Have Said

"Visitor Logic Pro has already proved it's worth by moving my blog post rankings over 50 pages in just 3 days, by using the basic widget logic. That's not even using any other features! This plugin is awesome!"
- Beta Member 13

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